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Gravity as the Source of Lightness – (2009/13) 10'
for orchestra

Premiere performance conducted by Evan Christ - Philharmonia of the Cottbus State Theater


Anima – (2012) 11'
for quintet

Premiere performance conducted by Oliver Hagen - East Coast Contemporary Ensemble


Tilted Arcs – (2010) 9'
for chamber orchestra

Premiere performance conducted by James Baker - Wellesley Composers Conference Ensemble


Cendre – (2008) 9'
for bass flute and electronics

Premiere performance Mario Caroli


Rising from the Mist – (2007) 10'
for string quartet

performance by Gaby Diaz, Ari Streisfeld, Sarah Darling, Benjamin Schwartz.


Tropes – (2009) 5'
for solo viola

Performance by Garth Knox


Lichtrisse – (2007/2009) 10'
Quintet for flute, clarinet, french horn, violin, and cello

performance by Ensemble Fa, conducted by Dominique My


Verdichtungen – (2003) 8'
for 15 instruments

Performance by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, conducted by Gil Rose


Am Rande des Schattens – (2005) 6'
For Chamber Orchestra

Premiered in France 2005


Redshift – (2004) 8'
Electronic music for four-channel tape

stereo mix


Rebounds – (2004) 10'
For solo cello with two bows

performance by Frances Marie Uitti


Fluchtpunkte – (2002) 10'
Sextet for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

performance by the Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury conducting


Jeu-Parti – (2001) 11'
Duo for violin and violoncello

Premiere performance by Ben Jacobson and Peter Jacobson, Schoenberg Hall, Los Angeles, California (2001).